Happy: Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy- Lea Michele & Chris Colfer

Love: Love Drunk- Boys Like Girls

Hate: nothing

Light: Shine A Light- Mcfly

Dark: In The Dark- Dev

Good: Its Good- Katelyn Tarver

Bad: Bad Kids- Lady Gaga

Smile: U Smile- Justin Bieber

Cry: Cry Me Out- Pixie Lott

Girl: Run The Worlds [Girls]- Glee

Boy: Boy With The Microphone- Action Item

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    I’m such a sweetheart. i put links to the songs just in case you suckas wanted to hear them but are too lazy to type. It...
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    All His Love Hate: The Game...Before I’m Gone...A New Dress...
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    If It Makes You Happy- Sheryl Crow My Lover’s Gone- Dido Whatever It Is- Zac Brown Band Daylight- Matt & Kim Dance In...
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    Well, I promise, I have about 10 days of music. It’s just...Brian and Jenn Johnson are...
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    Well that was fun!
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    Taeyeon - The One Whose...Beast - Lightless (Unplugged Ver.)
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    Happy: Dada Life...Happy Hands & Happy Feet...Elijah Collins...
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    (Will Be Your Downfall)...When the Sun Goes Down...My Moon...
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    Happy: Money Makes Me Happy - Rivers Cuomo Love: I Love U So - Cassius Hate: I Hate Myself For Losing You - Kelly...
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    Happy: My HappYness - Spiky Love: Love Like Winter - AFI Hate: God Hates Us - Avenged Sevenfold Light: The Killing Light...
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